New to the Kanubia Easy range, Easy 7 is a clever all-in-one multipack featuring four fantastic new styles. Made with 100% Futura Fibre, each pack features six bundles of multi-length hair and a free 2-way lace parting to create a complete look. Three styles boast unique curl patterns, together called The Latin American Collection, while the Yaki Perm style has been made with heat ready Natural Protein Hair for a super-slick, straight yaki perm look.


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Recommendations: Please note that any pre-curled styles will begin to loosen with time.
Type of hair: 100% Futura Fibre/Natural Protein Hair
Type of product: Weave
Packs used for full head: All-in-one + free parting closure

Type of hair: 100% Futura Fibre

  • Made with 100% Futura Fibre in Bolivian, Colombian and Venezuelan styles
  • Features Natural Protein Hair made with collagen protein in Yaki Perm
  • All the styles are tongable up to 200ºC
  • Features four fashionable styles
  • Unique curl patterns
  • Each pack includes six bundles of multi-length hair and a 2-way lace parting
  • Complete one-pack style
  • Colours include sombre for subtle ombre effect
  • Deeper parting line for a natural finish

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